Preparing for Treatment with 177Lu-PSMA-617 - Kendra Harris

April 22, 2022

From the Tulane Cancer Center, Kendra Harris, Chair of Radiation Oncology explains the process of preparing for treatment of Pluvicto™ (177Lu-PSMA-617). Lutetium recently received FDA approval as the first targeted radioligand therapy for the treatment of PSMA positive metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).


Kendra Harris, MD, MSc, Chair, Radiation Oncology, Associate Professor, Tulane Cancer Center, Tulane University School of Medicine

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Kendra Harris: Okay. So, as I mentioned, we do our dosing in the CT room. Generally we use chucks in the event of tiny contamination, so I will generally double chuck the arm rest that the patient has the IV in and then place chucks underneath where I sit. Additionally, I confirm that I have what I need. So ultimately for IV removal, I'll need gauze, I'll get some more gauze, Coban gauze, alcohol wipes, and then typically I'll use four IV syringes. As you saw, really important for the patient to use a restroom immediately before dosing, because the idea here is we want to get the patient their dose, we want to observe them, make sure their vital signs are stable and they develop no immediate reactions, and then we want them to be able to leave.