Choosing JELMYTO®: A Patient's Journey Through Less Invasive Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma Treatment - Tom Murphy

June 17, 2023

In the wake of being diagnosed with upper tract urothelial cancer (UTUC), patient Tom Murphy navigates through his treatment options, ultimately settling on JELMYTO® (mitomycin) treatment. This less invasive procedure consists of six weekly treatments which were, according to Murphy, relatively simple and unobtrusive to his everyday life. Expressing gratitude for the guidance and support of his medical team and family, Murphy expresses contentment with his choice, highlighting the ease and effectiveness of the treatment compared to the more drastic step of kidney removal.


Tom Murphy, DDS

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Tom Murphy: I was having bleeding. And we thought it was an infectious process, but they eventually took a CAT scan and I was referred to you. And you have helped us with my cancer, my cancer treatment, and I'm totally grateful. Well, you said there were three options. And the one was to conservatively do nothing and sit and watch, which didn't sound good. And the other option was to totally remove the kidney, or the third was to do this JELMYTO® treatment, which sounded much more favorable with less trauma. My wife, Maryanne, is very, very supportive of what was going on and very helpful in helping me make a decision as to going into the conservative treatment or to take the kidney out. And as I said, that was not the option I was looking forward to.

Well, it was a procedure that went into the hospital and they put me under an anesthesia and placed the port into the side. And it really was a relatively simple procedure. I guess they had a little difficulty getting the port into the kidney, and so I did spend the night in the hospital, but it was not something that was bothersome. Well, the six weekly treatments were really quite simple, and as I've said, that the people in the center that were treating me up there were just outstanding people that were compassionate and really took great care of you.

But the treatment was simple. I had a little bit of pressure symptoms after the procedure was over for maybe half hour to an hour. Beyond that, nothing. I was on with my golf game the next day. No, I guess I've had a few CAT scans before in my life and they're relatively simple procedures where there's a short procedure that doesn't cause you great anxiety like you might have on an MRI. This is a relatively easy procedure and I guess quite accurate. Yeah. Yes, it was a great decision. It was wonderful. And I'm happy that we made this decision in consultation with you and my wife, and actually some of my children, talking with them.

Tom Murphy: I'm happy that we went this way, and I think it was a great decision. And it certainly gives you an option of not having to go through the whole process of a kidney removal and all the trauma that goes through this. This was simple.